About Us


For 25 years, our dedicated team has combined professional expertise with personalized service. We have been offering the widest range of business and financial solutions including accounting, payroll and tax preparation/planning.

We are large enough to cover the entire range of business services but are small enough to welcome you with warmth and make you feel at home.

Our partner and staff turnover has been exceptionally low, but we have been changing in tune with emerging business needs.

Efficiency & Expertise

We provide expertise with efficiency.

In addition to the primary services, we provide a variety of specialty services for the unique business or profession of our clients - individuals or partnerships, corporations or not-for-profits organizations, manufacturing, trading or service outfits.  We have an insight into the accounting and tax laws that apply differently to each.

We are an equal opportunity employer and are members in good standing of professional organizations and chamber of commerce.

Clients Served

We have a wide range of clients.


Real Estate
Retail Business
Entertainment Industry
Export-Import Business
International Clients
Services Business
Manufacturing and Distribution